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ArcAncient Aromatherapy is a premier Aromatherapy Company that has been creating exquisite aromatherapy blends for nearly 20 years.

With years of experience and a long history of satisfied clients in Spa's, Nursing Homes, and Clinic’s and for those who just want a convenient and easy way to use aromatherapy and achieve results, you have found the perfect place.

If you are looking for the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils, then you 
need look no further.
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ArcAncient Aromatherapy
Premium essential oils, blends,
Roll ons, creams and services.  
Astrology, classes and bodywork.

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Our helpful staff is available Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM EST and by chance or appointment at other times; 
to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.

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The ONLY Aromatherapy Distributor Program for YOU!!!
1.Direct line to help/support
a.So… No messy down-lines, just your pure profit.
3.Tap into over 20 years of experience.
4.Blends, Oils and Creams that use only the highest quality of pure, organic when possible, essential oils and absolutes.
5.All blends and creams have a proven track record, for efficacy and professionalism.
6.Packaging is neat, clean and consistent.
7.Products are SAFE and effective.
8.You share natural products that help people and do what they describe.
9.You get your qualified discount, right off the top of the purchase ~ no waiting!
10.Need more personal help and guidance for yourself or a client?  
11.Start-up is easy and in-expensive to get a basic distributorship.
12.All printed material necessary is available for purchase to support your endeavors.
13.You are in business helping people feel better naturally.

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Polaris Career Center
Aromatherapy, The Essentials for Better Health(3 hrs.)

  Learn the which essential oils are best to build the immune system and make a blend to take home and use. With so many new strains emerging, as well as increased resistance to antibiotics; aromatherapy knowledge comes to the rescue.
  Learn which ones are safe, how much to use and how to determine quality essential oils. Let’s debunk some myths and get healthy! This class is taught by an Aromatherapist with 20 years of experience.
  W 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2015
  Class fee Total $45

Home of the World Famous Aromatherapy Roll On!
Go directly to purchase Roll Ons: 

Class Coming in 
November 2015
The Heart of All That Matters:
The Heart Chakra
The fourth class in this series.
Details to come.
The Best Distributor Program With NO Pyramid!