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Stress Relief Angel (TM) (c) .33oz. For relief of stress, simply roll on pulse points and inhale throughout the day.

Stress Relief Angel (TM) (c) .33oz.

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$ 20.00

For relief of stress, simply roll on pulse points and inhale throughout the day.

Product Detail:

Just the right ingredients make this Angel a must to carry with you always!
Simply roll on pulse points (especially on the wrist) and inhale thoughout the day or before or during stressful situations to help calm down.

.33oz Roll On

Pure Organic Jojoba Base contains perfect synergistic blend of pure therapeutic essential oils of the finest quality and purity available, which is tried and proven for 20 years.

Please Note: No product sold here is meant to diagnose or treat any serious illness or should be used instead of medical treatment.  
Please seek medical help if you are having chronic issues of pain or discomfort.
We are only here to help and we have had much success in the past 20 years providing relief.
This is not meant as a medical diagnosis.  All products should be spot tested for safety or allergic reaction before using as recommended.
We do make every effort to use the highest quality essential oils and absolutes, always organic whenever possible and only the safest essential oils are selected for use.
**The Light is increasing in the Northern Hemisphere, we want to award our best customers!
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