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Upcoming Classes & Events
The Living Waters

You will Learn:

Body work techniques to alleviate pain, dis-ease and discomfort.

Balance the body systems creating homeostasis, the foundation to become skilled and knowledgeable bodywork practitioners.

Advance your current skill set as a health care practitioner.

Use of Aromatherapy, how to implement, safely addressing Detox.

Basic anatomy ~ skeletal structure related to the water element.

Myofacial and relationship to the body.

Relationship to water element and spirit ~ life source.

Spinal Harmonics, relationship to systems, Organs & astrology. 

Understand the hidden code for healing the spirit and body in spiritual traditions.

​Holy Water in a Sacred Vessel/the Body:

Learn the relationships between the 2nd Chakra, water, Aromatherapy, Taste, organs and bodywork that relates to heal this chakra.

Teachers: Robin Sobolewski, RPP And LMT, CPE & Gloria O’Neil-Savage, APP, TSI, CPE.

Saturday November 30th. 9AM-5PM & 

Sunday December 1st, 10AM-4PM 

Prepay by November 10th , pay only $250.00 ArcAncient, Inc. ©Weekend bodywork Class
Aromatherapy, The Essentials for Better Health(3 hrs.)

  Learn the which essential oils are best to build the immune system and make a blend to take home and use. With so many new strains emerging, as well as increased resistance to antibiotics; aromatherapy knowledge comes to the rescue.
  Learn which ones are safe, how much to use and how to determine quality essential oils. Let’s debunk some myths and get healthy! This class is taught by an Aromatherapist with 20 years of experience.
  W 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2015
  Class fee Total $45​
Polaris Career Center

Follow this link to sign up: 
The Fiery Spirit, the Holy Spirit & the Sacred Fires of Transformation

You will learn:

* Body techniques to alleviate pain, discomfort, & focus energy.
* How to balance the body systems relating to fire creating homeostasis,  the foundation for health and a  must for skilled health practitioners.
* Advance your current skill set as a health practitioner
* Use of Aromatherapy for inflammation and pain relief, essential oils to stimulate energy and focus the mind.  Learn the optimal essential oils to assist with energetic disorders.
* Basic anatomy ~ skeletal structure related to the path of fire.
* Understanding some of the hidden codes for healing in spiritual traditions.
* Astrological relationships of the fire signs as they correlate to the body.
* Gemstones that relate to the fire chakra systems and how to use them.
*Pumping and palpitation, the drum beat of fire.
* Relationship to the Fire Element as it is the fuel and the energy the body needs for power, action and motivation. 
* Transformation and evolution of the body and the spirit/mind connection.
* Fire relationship to eyes/vision and seeing clearly.

Teachers: Robin Sobolewski, RPP and LMT, CPE & Gloria O’Neil-Savage, APP, TSI, CPE.
Class is scheduled for Saturday June 28, 2014 9AM-4PM
Sunday June 29, 2014 10AM-4PM

Prepay by June 10, 2014  pay only $250.00
(shipping charge will cover handouts and supplies)

After that deadline for payment and sign up is June 20, 2014 and full payment of $299.00.