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About ArcAncient Aromatherapy
ArcAncient is the name given to Gloria, when she was praying for a name.  She saw two angels holding back the veil and the name: Ark of the Ancients came floating through.  Upon looking up the word Arc and Ark and finding that it was a vessel, or a feminine structure, usually in a curve that holds the sacred.  We condensed the name, to form ArcAncient trying to simplify.
Everything we do is from ancient times past, and has lasted the test of time for a reason.

ArcAncient aromatherapy is family-owned and operated right here in Cleveland, OH. We began as a simple place called Sunnybrook in 1990 which evolved into Glorious Interiors  in 1995 and in the year 2000 we officially became ArcAncient, Inc.
We’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch that has been divinely guided since Gloria's Near Death Experience in 1976, she has found her calling, and listens for guidance from the Angels who are there to help.
We promise to fill you in on the details of the journey as soon as we can.
Interested in learning more?
The Sacred and Sensuous Art of Anointing

You are about to leave the rest of the world behind, raising your vibrations and receive the healing life force of essential oil through a celebration ritual using the sacred and sensuous art of anointing. The following guideline will be a good start, but feel free to add your own ideas and inspiration: The finest quality of pure essential oils have been chosen for you, using ArcAncient world famous blends. Think of the ‘essence’ of the individual before you or yourself and the sacred light within, that the essential oils and their captured light essence will bring awareness of. Set aside time and also create a special setting using all mood enhancing tools, i.e. music, candles, etc. Add the blend to your bath, then proceed to the next steps.

1.Start with the palms of your hands; bless all you hold, mold, touch, caress, and pass on/heal all the falls broken and any pain they have withstood for you. 
2. Your third eye; to see this gorgeous world clearly. 
3.Your throat; to gently and strongly speak truthfully; heal silence and the truth it harbors and reveals. 
4.Your face, it is the wonderful expression you share with the world and it deserves blessings and gratitude for the miracle and wonder of you. 
5.Your heart and breasts and the marvel of love and compassion that is your every breath. The love you have given, created, felt and shared. The depth of love etched into its private chambers. Take your time and mentally surround yourself with all the people who have been with you on your journey and thank them. 
6.Comfort your belly and the fruit of your gifts, children, ideas and nurturing to yourself and others.  
7.Massage your feet, and thank them for carrying and supporting you, up the calves, complementing supple curves, the knees for their flexibility and a universe which will bring you to them. 
8.Massage your thighs and that psoaz muscle that pulls and pushes you forward in life. 
9.Finally; take time to anoint your generative life force center; for the gift of sacred sexuality and raising the powerful creative life force in the earth that rises up your spine and connects you directly to the cosmos. 

So take care of this body, it was given for you to love and care for "caress". 
Anoint your body with ArcAncient’s liquid light, carry this blend and dab yourself throughout the day and inhale. 
Bon Voyage!