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Distributor Information
The ONLY Aromatherapy Distributor Program!!!

1. Direct line to help/support
    So… No messy down-lines, just your pure profit.
3. Tap into over 20 years of experience.
4. Blends, Oils and Creams that use only the highest quality of pure, organic when possible, essential oils and absolutes.
5. All blends and creams have a proven track record, for efficacy and professionalism.
6. Packaging is neat, clean and consistent.
7. Products are SAFE and effective.
8. You share natural products that help people and do what they describe.
9. You get your qualified discount, right off the top of the purchase ~ no waiting!
10. Need more personal help and guidance for yourself or a client?  
11. Start-up is easy and in-expensive to get a basic distributorship.
12. All printed material necessary is available for purchase to support your endeavors.
13. You are in business helping people feel better naturally.

ArcAncient Master Distributor Kit
A full line of products (see details) Brings 40% Discount on Retail Catalogue, special prices on our premium essential oils and the help hotline for assistance.

I.  One roll on rack with 8 roll ons, plus one each to sell .33 oz. One each      to sell. (16 Roll Ons Total)

II. One chakra kit/rack w 8 chakra blends and book ¼ oz. each  
    (One each to sell (16 blends total)

III. Arthritis and Fibro Cream   (bone lover) 8 oz. X 2

IV. Muscle Ease 8oz. X 2

V. Rose Facial Cream  2oz. X 1

VI. Light Spirits Mister  1 X  4oz.  

VII. Harmony Cream   8oz. X 1  

VIII. Eczema and Psoriasis  2 oz. X 1

IX. Foot and Hand Repair  2 oz. X 1
Roll On Rack Distributor Kit

Roll On Rack with 2 each of our 8 Signature Roll ON's: 
Sleep, WiseWoman, Arthritis, Breathing Easy, Sinus Relief, Stress, ReMember, Headache Relief. Hand made wooden rack 25% 
discount from retail catalog.

I. Sleep
II. Wisewoman
III. Arthritis (Bone Lover)
IV. , Breathing Easy
V. Sinus Relief
VI. Stress
VII. ReMember
VIII. Headache Relief

 In hand made wooden rack that holds 8.
Brings 25% discount off retail catalog with current distributorship status.