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Will be sharing my own death experience and walking with God...soon...very soon....
When I died, I awoke inside a Huge coliseum type cathedral, with very large pillars and thousands and thousands of people all around this oval shape center. Inside that center, was a large central chair that had a figure that was emanating light, (Whom I know of as God, Yahweh) the chair itself seemed almost like a stone or maybe marble? On either side of that central figure, stood two other beings of light; all around them were I believe 24 beings of light/angels that lined the oval shape, standing at complete attention and worship, but also like guards.
After that, were the stadium rows of the worshippers, the people in dark shrouds praying in a language that I somehow knew, it wasn’t Latin, but it sounded similar, yet I don’t know what the language was, but everyone was praying in that language.
I was seeing everything with my internal eyes, not with my normal eyesight I use here, but with my inner eye.
Everyone in the stadium had their head down as they prayed.
Finally, it was as if it was my turn, and the central figure (God) immersed me in an immediate connection, and it was as if I was swimming inside of God.
God filled and spoke to every cell in my being, with love, and repeating over and over; “You are loved, you are love”.
​And be continued.